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Forrester's Market Overview: Employee and Customer Authentication Solutions
Dive into the trends of the frothy authentication market.

Marketing Has Changed. Don't Be Left Behind.
The workforce is evolving to be more collaborative, distributed, and autonomous than ever. Read this whitepaper and learn how you can


6 Common Marketing Problems and How to Beat Them
Feeling tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed with work chaos? Get the Winning at the Game of Marketing eBook and get control.

The Ultimate Marketing Machine
In this paper based on the Harvard Business Review webinar, you can read the extensive new research on what it takes to become a superior


5 Methods for Managing Your Millennials
Discover the opportunity to capitalize on the strengths and priorities of these younger employees.

Optimizing The E-Commerce Experience: Empower Business Users to Delight Customers
This Aberdeen research paper describes how companies that empower Line-of-Business (LoB) employees to manage digital store content without


How to Overcome the Top 5 Business Vulnerabilities
Business protection begins with being proactive.

How to Use Hadoop as a Piece of the Big Data Puzzle
This paper summarizes a webinar in which three SAS experts discuss how Hadoop works and why it's important, how Hadoop can address big data


Proven Practices for Securing Your Website Against DDoS Attacks
Real-world practices to protect your enterprise against web-focused attacks including DNS, NTP amplification, and Web application-specific

2015 Social Marketing Planning Guide
Kick off 2015 with a fresh social marketing strategy.

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