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[Video] The State of SDN Adoption
Dan Pitt provides an overview of the state of SDN adoption. Understand why he believes that SDN adopters can be broken down into two

[Video] The Impact of the Internet of Things on IT
A growing importance has been placed on data, which concerns data transfer, storage and security.


[Video] Monetizing the Internet of Things
The IoT provides a big inflow of new and actionable data to industries across the globe. With this new data, organizations have additional

[Video] Who is Implementing SDN Today and Why?
The earliest adopters of SDN are companies that allow their application developers to easily move SaS applications to a public SaS


[Video] A Great Business Case for NFV
A challenge with implementing new technology such as NFV requires a solid business case.

[Video] NFV Applications for Enterprises
NFV is widely associated with service providers, but enterprises have been more aggressive in virtualizing network functions over the past


[Video] You Must Do SDN for the Right Reasons
Organizations that still rely heavily on bare metal servers and a physical environment will experience a longer transition to SDN.

[Video] Is SDN Flawed?
Software Defined Networking is not flawed, but a fundamental shift to SDN is a slow moving process.


[Video] Importance of Performance Monitoring in SDN/ NFV
The implementation of SDN and NFV requires dynamic creation of resources, increasing the importance of effective performance monitoring and

[Video] The Network Should Heal Itself
Going forward, the network should automatically detect failure, heal itself, and scale to increased demand.


[Video] Key SDN Requirements
Customer requirements for SDN generally tend to focus around agile software development.

Video: Performance Logs
SevOne is the first to incorporate real-time log analytics into an enterprise-class, carrier-grade performance monitoring platform.


[Video] Most Important Advice in Regards to SDN
Dan Pitt shares his expertise and discusses what he regards as the most important aspects of SDN.

[Video] How Do You Manage SLAs Now?
Managing SLAs have always been topics of heavy discussion. Kenneth Dilbeck shares his expertise through some best practices on this

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